Concrete Construction

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Safety Of Children Around Earth Moving Equipment

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Heavy equipment such as diggers, bobcats or skid steers, combines, swathers, boom truck tractors or construction site machines  certainly make the farm run smoothly  and they are a necessary part of a modern operational farm.

However kids are not born with a healthy respect or fear of such machines, and therefore, must be taught to be careful around them.

Injuries can occur when rotating shafts, they can easily pull clothes and thigh machine, severing limbs or even killing adults let alon children.

It is important for you and your children to stand well out of reach of Blades and aother moving parts which  can easily cut off limbs, and machines can also throw out parts of debis, such as concrete chunks, etc. that can hurt a child or an adult. Tractors and diggers lifted attachments can fall, roll or hit a child, crushing them instantly.

It is a good idea not to allow your child to wander off while you operating such machines around your farm.

Children left alon around such equipment can easily get the stored equipment and take off with it or they can get in the way of operating equipment, which puts them directly in harms way.

Before you start your equipment, take a moment to look around and make sure the children are not in the way or can come to any harm.

There are many places on the web where you can find out more information on the safety issue of using Heavy Earth Moving Equipment

Many of the Parents sometimes allow their children to ride in the cabs of tractors and other heavy farm equipment .

That is not advisable, it is unrealistic to expect them to never lose grip and fall.

Farm kids were operating equipment and tractors from grade school on up  and it has become part of life, but this is no reason compliancy . The some farm kids farm and favourite memories children’s construction workers come from moments like this.

During the government and parenting magazines and websites tell you to never let your child do it, they are not the ones running  irresponsibly around a farm yard.

If you are going to let your Kids drive and operate machinery, train them well, teach them under close supervision, make sure they use the proper precautions and safety equipment and keep your kids strapped in to the machine so that they can not fall out.

The risks of their actions can have dire consequences it is really not worth the risk

Before they commence operating such equipment make sure they are alert and make sure you can get over them easily if they get tired or something goes wrong.

These machines are not designed for carrying more than one person on them or in the cabin. You see it so many times that children are often taken for a joy ride on a new tractor of farm machinery. But they are not a car and are not designed to take passengers so you really need to be careful if you are going to partake in those sort of activities.

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Wall Preparation

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A clean, dust-free and dry ground is particularly important to the paint job.

Remove all of the old paint or wallpaper residues to begin with, these should also be removed for example by means of sandpaper.

Minor damage in the wall such as holes or cracks can be compensated with putty.  Carefull preparation before painting the ceiling, baseboards and window – as well as door frames, will provide a clean result. It is also advisable to dismantle the light switches, sockets and lamps. The soil is well protected with foil or painter’s fleece.

Untreated surfaces such as plaster and plaster and soft fiber boards should be pre-primed. In this way, crumbling plaster and fix the background is evenly absorbent. For covering of spots to spot maskers.

After the job you need to take the time to clean your roller and paint brushes properly as well. If you neglect to do this it will result in a less than satisfactory result for when you start on the next phase of painting.

Only a clean working device ensures good results: particularly with paint rollers and brushes . Do not use cheap disposable paint rollers but quality paint rollers worth the effort, the paint roller to get rid of all paint residues.

Even though it is a very laborious and time-consuming work: Wash your paint roller thoroughly after work out! It is best to hold the roll under running water and underline impressively with your hands on the paint tools – detergent is not necessary in this case. Only when the drained water is clear again, you should stop the washing process. In the remaining wall paint roller paint dries up and glued the role – so that the tool is useless. Since quality rolls of lambskin, acrylic or polyamide are not cheap, you save so much money in the long run. If you need a painting company to look after this for you click here.

Practice Tip: For short breaks (coffee break, phone call, …), you should put paint roller in a plastic bag of use plastic lunch wrap around the nap of the roller as it will provide a more air tight seal, so that the paint roller does not dry!

If you are painting with oil based paints and you have not finished the whole job then it is best to have the brushes suspended in mineral turpentine rather than have them sitting in a jar of turpentine with the bristles on the bottom of the jar. The reason for this is that the brush will become mis-shaped and also become clogged with the thicker residue that collects at the bottom of the jar.

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